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Guarding Your Digital Frontier with DDoS Protect

Nexusguard’s advanced detection and scrubbing equipment are strategically installed and seamlessly integrated into the idEX POP Jakarta. This integration ensures security assurance for your content without compromising latency during access, as the detection and scrubbing processes occur within our network. Provides world class DDoS protection to content with varies of options of services.

How Can We Help You?

At Abhinawa, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your digital assets. Introducing the Nexusguard solution—an advanced defense against DDoS attacks and various cyber threats. Our comprehensive suite includes multi-layered mitigation technology, SSL attack mitigation methods, Web Application Firewall (WAF), content and networking optimization, and the convenience of our Customer Portal. 

Maximizing Cyber Services for Enterprise Customer Segments

Our Anti-DDoS solutions are designed to provide a robust defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. By leveraging advanced technologies and a multi-layered approach, we empower businesses to fortify their digital presence and ensure a secure online environment. 

Clean Pipe Protection

Tailored for ISPs, Network Providers, and Telcos, providing robust protection for customers subscribing to on-net internet services. It defends against and mitigates all types of cyber attacks. 

Safeguard against Internet Uplink Congestion

Smart Mode Detection

Highly Autonomous Traffic Diversion

Surgical Mitigation

Origin Protection

Crafted to safeguard enterprises subscribing to internet or upstream services from multiple providers. This solution is designed to secure mission-critical services within expansive networks, particularly those managing hundreds of Class C networks or even a Class B network, against L3/4 and L7 attacks. 

Large Network Protection

Network Behavior Analysis

Real-time Monitoring & Configuration

Multiple Detection Modes

Application Protection

Offers multi-layered L3/4 and L7 protection against attacks on public-facing websites, applications, APIs, and more. This ensures your business stays online during an attack with minimal impact on users. 

Multilayered Protection

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

SSL Attack Mitigation

Content Caching & Acceleration

DNS Protection

Provides comprehensive security for applications on the internet or at the DNS level, protecting mission-critical services from DNS attacks. Leveraging Nexusguard’s globally distributed DNS infrastructure, it mitigates DNS-based DDoS attacks while ensuring timely responses to legitimate user requests. 

100% DNS Availability

Four-tier Filtering

Flexible Deployment

Advanced Query Statistics

The Benefits

Guaranteed uptime for public-facing resources, backed by enterprise-grade SLA against all DDOS attacks

- Protect websites, applications, APIs, etc
- Custom rules matching your organizational security policy
- Minimize downtime and reduce costly impacts of attacks
- Mitigate attacks at the nearest origins

Maximize user experience and performance even during DDOS attacks

- Multiterabit scrubbing capabilities ensure resiliency & low latency
- Ensure continuity of business operations
- Progressive User Authentication
- Crawler Identification

Enjoy unparalleled visibility of network traffic and threats in real time

- Comprehensive real-time dashboard and analytics
- Automatic monthly reports
- Real-time packet-captures
- Unlimited raw log downloads

24x7 access to dedicated engineers to immediately address your concerns

- Attack monitoring and mitigation with 24x7 SOC & support team
- Dedicated technical support

Safeguarding Your Business: Defending Against DDoS Attacks

As a global cloud network cybersecurity provider, Nexusguard operates 25 Points of Presence (POPs) worldwide. This extensive network enables the detection of DDoS traffic from global origins and the scrubbing of a total of 4 Tbps globally. Your content is safeguarded against cyber threats, providing robust protection with minimal impact on performance. 

With our geographically distributed infrastructure, we ensure comprehensive coverage and swift response times, fortifying your online presence against cyber threats.

Experience reliable protection against volumetric attacks without compromising performance, as our cutting-edge technology mitigates threats seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

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