Cloud, Hosting, CDN, and IT Infrastructure segment

Our idEX service focuses on robust Identity and Access Management for secure cloud access. Additionally, our Cyber Security solutions protect your digital landscape from evolving cyber threats. With our connectivity services, we optimize your network infrastructure, guarantee cloud-enabled and cloud interconnection for agile business environment. Partner with Abhinawa for a comprehensive approach to cloud-driven success. 

Games Developer/Publisher

We offer a comprehensive suite of services catering to the unique needs of game developers and publishers. Dive into our idEX solutions for a tailored approach to game design and storytelling. Safeguard your gaming ecosystem with our dedicated cyber security services, guarantee a secure gaming environment. Elevate multiplayer experiences with our connectivity solutions, providing a robust backbone for smooth gameplay. Let us handle the operational aspects through our managed services, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional games. 

Video Online, IPTV, Internet TV Publishers

Our services cater to Video Online, IPTV, and Internet TV publishers, offering solutions in idEX, Cyber Security, Connectivity, and Managed Services. Dive into the future with our idEX solutions, tailored for efficient content management and distribution. Safeguard your digital presence with our robust Cyber Security services. Experience the power of reliable connectivity that optimizes content delivery globally. Let us handle the operational intricacies with our Managed Services, so you can focus on creating exceptional content. 

Financial Companies / Insurance Companies with Internet Transactions

Our idEX service provides advanced identity management, secures your operations, and simplifies customer onboarding. Navigate the cyber landscape with confidence using our robust Cyber ​​Security measures, which protect your financial data from ever-evolving threats. Guarantee uninterrupted operations with our Connectivity solutions, keeping your institution private and securely connected to regional or international branches. Let us handle the complexities of IT management through our Managed Services, optimizing your systems even while peak performance remains stable.

Logistics Providers Having Internet Transactions

Our integrated data exchange platform, idEX, (content delivery) simplifies communication across your logistics network. Experience peace of mind with our robust Cyber Security solutions, safeguarding your critical data from potential threats. Stay connected effortlessly with our Connectivity Solutions, guarantee reliable and high-speed data flow within your ecosystem. Let us handle the complexities through our Managed Services, offering end-to-end support for your logistics operations. With our expertise, innovation, and customer-centric approach, Abhinawa is your trusted partner for a future-ready logistics experience. 

E-commerce Platform

With idEX, we redefine user identity management, offering a personalized and secure journey for your customers and excels in optimizing content distribution for maximum impact. Our Cyber Security solutions provide robust protection, safeguarding customers and business private data against potential threats. Stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape with our connectivity solutions. Our dedicated lines guarantee that your platform remains online, providing a smooth user experience even during peak usage. Let us handle the technicalities through our Managed Services, covering everything from infrastructure management to ongoing support, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Any Company with Contents That Need to be Accessed by Internet Users

Our idEX solutions focus on optimizing your online identity, providing secure user authentication and personalized experiences. For businesses concerned about cyber threats, our Cyber Security services employ advanced techniques to keep your data and systems safe. Stay reliably connected with our Connectivity Services, guaranteeing reliable and uninterrupted business links. Let us handle the management of your digital infrastructure through our Managed Services, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations. At Abhinawa, we’re dedicated to simplifying your digital journey and contributing to your company’s success. 

International Company with Requirements for SDWAN / VPN Connectivity

Abhinawa recognizes the critical role that a strong network plays in the success of international businesses. Our services include the deployment of advanced SDWAN technology to optimize network performance, along with providing VPN connectivity solutions for secure, private connections across your global offices and branches. We handle the entire management and maintenance process, mitigating risks associated with digital platforms to prevent potential cyber threats. Prioritizing flexibility, allowing you to tailor our services to your specific business needs. Our commitment to 24/7 monitoring and support ensures quick resolution of any challenges. 

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