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We are your partner in ensuring that your digital processes are securely connected to the world. Trusted by some of the world’s leading OTT providers and enterprises, we deliver end-to-end solutions across all business segments through EASY connectivity, LOW LATENCY – GUARANTEED bandwidth peering connection service, and network protection services.

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We stand at the forefront of connectivity, boasting a vast network that strategically spans across Indonesia & the global arena, supported by an extensive array of trusted partners to serve our thriving customers.

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Assured Bandwidth with Low Latency

Our idEX provides the shortest routes and lowest latency for internet users to access internet contents. Established in some data centers across Indonesia makes our idEX is easily accessible by our Customers to reach its users in low latency, guaranteed capacity, and on-demand routes.

Meanwhile, our network Partners can leverage our idEX for their customers to enjoy the low latency brought by idEX. One port connection brings our Customers and Partners enjoys low latency connection.

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Domestic Ethernet

Powering Your Business Through Blazing-Fast Speeds and Connectivity!

Cloud Connect

Innovate with Ease, Connect with Confidence 

Global Interconnect

Beyond Borders, Connected by IEPL/IPLC

Internet Pro

Experience the Fastest Internet!

Broadband Pro

Your business deserves the best internet connectivity 


Your network's global presence, through our colocation 

idEX Network

The Best Eyeball Connections in Indonesia

DDoS Protect

Guarding Your Digital Frontier with DDoS Protect

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Abhinawa's Telco Expertise

Future-Ready and Secure Connectivity

Our commitment to client satisfaction, technological innovation, and reliability has positioned Abhinawa as a trusted telco partner for businesses seeking to elevate their network and connectivity capabilities. 

idEX House of Content

Experience the shortest Internet service paths through our idEX Network, providing direct peering connections to access over 200 million Indonesian eyeball connections.

Network Security

At Abhinawa, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your digital assets. We provide world-class DDoS protection.

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