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PT Abhinawa Sumberdaya Asia

Our commitment to client satisfaction, technological innovation, and reliability has positioned Abhinawa as a trusted telco partner for businesses seeking to elevate their network and connectivity capabilities. 

Our business started in 2015 with some satellite ground station projects in Indonesia, supported by the New York-based SI Globecom System International (GSI). Our journey has been marked by successful collaborations and the implementation of innovative projects. Now our client portfolio spans enterprises of different sizes, each benefiting from our tailored telecommunications services and solutions. 

As we anticipate the increasing demand for internet connectivity among individuals, communities, and businesses, we proudly present ‘idEX’ – the HOUSE OF CONTENTS. Here, digital content seamlessly connects users with guaranteed capacity and minimal latency, ensuring a superior online experience. 

Bambang - Founder

"Hybrid Technology is your ultimate source for staying ahead in the dynamic world of technology."

Vision & Mission


At Abhinawa, our vision is to achieve digital harmony by seamlessly integrating the digital landscape into daily life. We are committed to providing effortless connectivity, where users can intuitively engage with digital content without complexities.


We aim to be the top choice for seamlessly connecting users with secure content on the most efficient network, while also providing comprehensive support for implementing and managing digital life platforms.

Why Abhinawa?

Explore Abhinawa’s world of innovation and excellence. Discover groundbreaking solutions and exceptional expertise. 

Our massive capacity and diverse network are directly linked to major Indonesian telecom providers and ISPs and connect to dominant Indonesia internet exchanges IIX and OpenIX 

Benefit from a Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteed a steadfast connection to Indonesia's eyeballs 

Our Cyber Security scrubbing & detection center, physically located in Jakarta, powered by world-class and Gartner-graded NexusguardTM, keeps your content secure with minimal latency 

Proficient in designing, procuring, deploying, integrating, commissioning, and maintaining complex, multi-provider networks. Our expertise includes handling high volumes of internet traffic, executing smarthand services, POP installations & commissioning 

Our 24x7 English-speaking Customer Helpdesk is accessible via phone, WeChat, Whatsapp, and email 

Capable of handling DDOS network attacks with a certified Security Operations Center team 


Started business as a Systems Integrator in Satellite & Broadcasting Projects. 


Directed Asian Games IT & Broadcasting Projects. 


Expanded into IT, Data Centers, and Internet Exchange. 


Marked the Regional IX POPs Deployment, signalling the initiation of Managed Services to support the customers. 

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