Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment sector are compelled to accelerate swiftly through technological innovation to seamlessly reach the audience, minimizing latency for an optimal app experience.


Experience Reliable Connectivity that Optimizes Global Content Delivery

Step Into The Future with IdEX Solutions!

If you are in the media and entertainment industry, now is your chance to connect to idEX, crafted for efficient content management and distribution! 

Domestic Ethernet

Through our MPLS network, we offer secure L2 services to connect customers’ remote hubs and offices within the country 

Global Interconnection

Point-to-point private line designed to smoothly extend international coverage in alignment with your business requirements 

Cloud Connect

Direct & secure connectivity providing access to a diverse array of cloud service providers  


We interconnected with major data centers, giving you direct access to a wide range of services and networks 

idEX Network

Optimize your Internet service with the shortest paths, enabling direct peering connections  through our iDEX exchange point

DDoS Protect

Providing world-class DDoS protection to ensure your business is safeguarded against cyber threats

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