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Experience the Fastest Internet! ​

In pursuit of top-tier performance, we offer synchronous, guaranteed bandwidth, providing 24-hour global internet connectivity with dedicated bandwidth allocation (1:1). This ensures speed, flexibility, and accelerates data transfers for hosting email servers, websites, and other critical applications

Reliable Performance

Enjoy a stable and consistent connection that keeps your business operations running smoothly


Tailor your connectivity to meet your exact needs, scale your bandwidth to ensuring that you always have the right amount of resources​


Achieve a high-performance network without breaking the bank, we allow you to allocate resources efficiently while maintaining a lean budget

Lower Latency

Experience lower latency, ensuring swift and responsive interactions for your critical online operations

How it works

Establish a direct link between your business network and the Internet, offering dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth with Internet Pro. Our ultra-fast Internet Pro service offers high availability through a fully redundant platform.  

Versatile Bandwidth and Swift Provisions

Select your preferred service location and specify the required bandwidth, ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. We swiftly provision for instant use

Scalable Bandwidth Control

Effortlessly scale the bandwidth to meet your dynamic business needs, ensuring steadfast and reliable performance for all your Internet traffic


Retain the power to decide how dedicated bandwidth is utilized, providing you with the ultimate flexibility for your unique requirements

Your Network, Your Rules: Dedicated Excellence!​

With Dedicated Internet Access, seize control of your network destiny – where excellence meets connectivity, and the rules are yours to define.

Experience superior service with our robust network and IP platform, guaranteeing instant access and high-quality service. Our DIA solution is crafted for demanding, data-heavy real-time applications, ensuring optimal performance.

Enjoy uninterrupted business operations with our business-grade direct Internet connectivity. Tailored to cater to businesses of all types, accommodating diverse data usage needs.

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